Scenic creation

The night of odysseys


Sonia Wieder-Atherton (cello)

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Tales and stories

You enter a large space. You’re immersed in the sounds that fill the space. Sounds of sea, wind, lulling voices, a man’s sob, the cries of crowds behind the mountains.

You cross spaces; the adventures of the Odysseys meet and mingle. Images that are guessed at rather than imposed, stretching out into space. And then,

“With my cello, encircled by the sea, I speak, I shout, I whisper. To the earth, to the murmurs of the crowds, to the breath, to the waves, to the storm, to the chaos.”

I’m confronted with a soundtrack: the sirens of boats, crickets in the burning sun… in a dreamlike time in thirteen adventures built around the music of Bach, Bellini, Prokofiev, Krawzyck, Aperghis, Schumann and also Berber, Egyptian and Syrian folk songs.

Spaces become “one”. Everything centers. Soars. Gathers. Odysseys in their sonic migrations seek each other out. In the night of images. Today, I would like the Odyssey to meet thousands of Odysseys. I would like it to bring together scattered words. I would like events hidden somewhere in memory, waking or sleeping dreams, sensations or emotions to be told, and for these words to be protected and hosted by the Odyssey.”


The Odysseys of La Nuit des Odyssées

With the voices of Wivine Anunga, Meriem Boudalia, Widad Boulfoul, Lawrence Ever, Samira Kerbiche, Fedosa Laafou, Mimy Mazeba, Fadoua Laafou, Poupette Mbembo, Fatiha Mifak, Mina Naessens, Blandine Nzolani, Patricia Ogbuka, Souad Medjoub, Laurence Preux, Sabine Ringot, Najat Ben Abdelkader, Rahma Fettouk, Aziza Bordji, Peggy Lenman.

And Samira El Ayashi.

With the support of Théâtre du Nord, Lille.

With the voices of Akhil J Chand, John Antony, Kartikeya Vashisht, Tritha Sinha, Anita Sriraman, Mitushi Khurana, Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Pandita Prabha Marathe, Bharat Jangam, Rashmi Pandkar.

With the support of the Bonjour India Festival, the network of Alliances Française in India and the Institut Français in India.

With Giovanna Marini.

With Aharon Appelfeld.

With the support of the Jerusalem Festival and the Ostrovsky Foundation.

With the voices of Abdel-Nasser, Charlotte, Elisa, Emma, Fatma, Ghislaine, Khadijah and Youssouf.

And Ghossun, Ange, Oljas, Samia.

With the support of Théâtre Gérard Philippe de Saint Denis and the participation of Collège Michel Ange de Villeneuve-la-Garenne and Sarah Alami, CADA de Dieppe and MC2 de Grenoble.

With the voices of students from schools in Aix en Provence, Luynes, Manosque and Marseille.

With the support of the Festival d’Aix en Provence.

Sonia Wieder-Atherton extends her warmest thanks,

Xavier Arias, Jean Bellorini, Ariane Doublet, Philippe Franceshi, Joël Jobé, Jean Kalman, Antoine Pecqueur, Jean-François Ramon, Erik Schando and Valerie Baril, La Fondation Chantal Akerman.

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credits & thanks


Sonia Wieder-Atherton, assisted by Quentin Balpe


Alain Français


Jean Kalman


Chantal Akerman, RBG, Xavier Arias, Quentin Balpe


Quentin Balpe


Sonia Wieder-Atherton, Franck Rossi, Alain Français


Franck Rossi, Pierre-Antoine Signoret, Julie Grisel, Marius Atherton, Alain Français


Walter Films

New release

BACH: Cello Suites Nos. 3 & 4

“It’s a question of digging into the string until the phrase is born, along with its right breath. A sentence in perpetual becoming. It never stops being made and remade. I waited a long time to record them. And then one day, or rather one night, I began.”